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The Interview

The Interview

Lots of people pointed out I didn’t include the interview on my blog. Truth: my days of being ahead, or even running alongside, the technology curve are LONG over (I still refer to using iCloud as “hot synching”. Like when you rested your Palm Pilot in its little black cradle. Really.)

God please make this work.

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LITERARY IDOL goes like this: a trained actor reads aloud the first 250 words of your unpublished manuscript for a panel of four judges, high-powered agents all, with years of experience reading unsolicited manuscripts. When one judge hears a line that would make her stop reading, she raises her hand. The actor keeps reading until a second hand is raised.

The critiques were brilliant and spot-on. My manuscript was the last one read.

No, they weren’t there. Our judges were even bigger rockstars: Katharine Sands of Sarah Jayne Freymann; Jennifer Carlson of Dunow, Carlson & Lerner; Erin Harris of Irene Skolnik; and Rees Literary’s Ann Collette. Humble thanks for your kind words, esteemed panel!

Literary Idol ROCKED. I just wish I could have DVR’d it.

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